Each year, our Recognition Awards are presented at a celebratory banquet.

AWIS-NCC presents awards to women who have combined their professional activities with support of other women in science. Training and education in science is not enough. We each need to find our individual ways of using our science and developing a professional life and career. In honoring individual women, AWIS recognizes the importance of mentoring and of teaching and sharing with others more than just the content and techniques or our science.

We give awards in three professional categories. Two awards go to women working in research or technological advancements in academia or industry: the Judith Pool award, to a woman established in her field and the Ellen Weaver award, to a woman early in her career. A third award, the Sherrie Wilkins (formerly Distinguished Professional) award, goes to a woman using her science away from the bench.  Service to other women in science could be to the scientific community through professional societies or schools or to individual women directly through mentoring and facilitating career development. The nominees need not be AWIS members.

The AWIS-NCC 2017 Awards ceremony will be coming up this spring — we’ll announce the date soon. Be sure to join us for a fun and inspiring evening!